Frequently Asked Questions

Most CSA’s give you a weekly box of produce. How is a market style share different?

You choose your CSA share size to establish your Garden Sweet account. Your share translates into CSA credits and work as a debit account with our farm. You choose the produce you want, when you want it,  and the money is debited from your account.

What happens if I run out of CSA credit?

Don’t worry–we will let you know when your account is getting low, and you can always add more credit to your account.

How much produce will I get when I buy a $300 market style CSA share?

Members receive up to $300 worth of Garden Sweet produce for a $300 share. Members will receive offers to purchase bulk produce when it is available, for example  canning tomatoes and lbs of basil.  You will be also be invited to our members only farm gatherings.

How much produce can I buy with $300?

The amount of food you can purchase with your CSA credit really depends on what you like to eat and our current market prices which may be influenced by the seasons and weather. Generally we say a $300 share can provide enough produce for an individual or couple.

Do you sell to the public too?

Yes, we currently sell to everyone. Our CSA members lead the movement in making it possible for us to plant enough fresh local produce for our whole community. Not everyone that eats from our farm can afford to front the production costs. Community Supported Agriculture makes it happen.

Why don’t I just buy my produce from you at the farm stand or farmers market? Isn’t it the same thing?

You may simply purchase our produce directly, if you are not able to be a member. Please remember that our small farm needs memberships early in the spring and relies on community support and commitment to make it possible. Seed and supplies are purchased in February and the farm typically recovers these costs by August.

What happens if a natural disaster occurs?

Mother Nature can be a b****, but she’s never left us hungry.

What if I’m away on vacation for a few weeks?

Nothing happens to your account while you aren’t using it. It will be waiting for you when you return.

What if I love strawberries and just can’t get enough of them?

No problem, we grow plenty of them. Of course we encourage you to eat a healthy diet full of variety, but living on strawberries and microbrews is acceptable in Fort Collins.

There are a few fruits or vegetables that I don’t really like. Can I skip them?

Absolutely, that’s the beauty of our Market-Style CSA–it’s your choice. However, we do encourage you to try items that may taste incredibly different than their conventional supermarket versions. You may find a new favorite!

Is Pick Your Own available?

Pick Your Own is open to CSA Members during Farm Stand hours throughout the season and includes strawberries, flowers, and raspberries. Bring the kids out and enjoy some quality time on the farm!

Non-members are welcome at our Pick Your Own only during scheduled events. Check out our blog for PYO scheduling and opportunities.

Is PYO produce free?

No, PYO prices are similar to our farm stand prices and will be debit from your CSA account.

Is the PYO open regularly to the public?

PYO patch is only open to the public on certain berry picking days depending on our supply. Public opportunities are detailed in our blog. However, members are always welcome to bring their guests along for PYO–the more, the merrier!

Do I share the bounty and risk with the farm through the CSA?

Yes, Garden Sweet makes no guarantee on what will be available. We do our best to provide a huge selection of the freshest produce at sustainable prices.

Where can I get my produce?

You can get your produce at the Garden Sweet Farm Stand at 719 W Willox Ln, Ft Collins, open most weekdays and some weekends and our Pick-Your-Own.

Check bottom of the page for current Farm Stand hours which vary by season.

Peak Season June, July, August, September:

Farmstand open Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-6pm   (6 days/week)


Early & Late Season

May & October : farmstand days may vary depending on weather


*The farmstand is always closed on Mondays and Holidays.


How long is your season?

Garden Sweet produces from mid-May through sometime in October. The season starts out light with herbs, greens and spring strawberries and blossoms into a colorful parade of bounty.

I have a garden, but I might want to be a CSA member too.

We get it. Most likely Garden Sweet grows additional produce that you don’t, such as juicy strawberries, luscious cantaloupe, and space hogging winter squash. Many of our members also have backyard gardens and supplement with a CSA share to get the best of both worlds.

Garden Sweet also grows a huge variety of organic vegetable starts available in May to get your garden up ‘n rockin’.

How do I sign up?

Easy! It takes 2 minutes. Print our membership form, fill it out and mail to the farm with your check or sign up online right now through PayPal.

What if I don’t spend my CSA credit by the end of the season?

That probably means you didn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables!

Summer CSA credits expire in October. Any extra produce throughout the season is donated to the Larimer County Food Bank. Don’t worry, nothing goes to waste.