Fresh strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, and flowers available at your fingertips.


Pick Your Own Fruit

A sunshine drenched day spent in the Pick-Your-Own fields at Garden Sweet offers everyone a one-of-a kind experience that won’t be forgotten! Whether you are looking for a quiet escape, interested in starting a new family tradition, searching for the most delicious berries, seeking out the best photos, or interested in crafting your own flower bouquet, Garden Sweet is the place for you!

You can enjoy a day on the farm, drenched in sunshine, picking strawberries, sunflowers, and other bountiful berries and flowers! Our offerings vary based on the time of the season, but best picking is available in August and September. We provide the baskets, you find the best berries!

Berry Pickin’ Good!

Open June-September 10 am to 5:30 pm for Members. Limited Dates for non-members starting in late August.

Berry Picking season is dependent on weather and supply, please follow us on Facebook/Instagram for updates.

We grow a variety of strawberries and raspberries that are exceptionally delicious and sweet! Visit the farm stand to purchase your berry basket and farm entry pass. Sampling is allowed, but PLEASE pay for what you pick.

Pick-Your-Own berries are seasonal and open during farmstand hours for members. The fields will be open to the public on certain weekends as supply allows towards the end of August. Members get free access and pay only for the amount they pick.

Please visit the farm stand for current picking conditions and pricing.

Fresh Picked Strawberries