Workplace CSA

Have a demanding work schedule?  So do we. We’re farmers!  We’d like to be sure you’re still eating your fruits and vegetables, so we’re going to bring them directly to you!  With Garden Sweet Peak of the Season Workplace CSA, you’ll get high quality, fresh, fruits and vegetables during our 8 favorite weeks of the summer growing season.


Modeled after the traditional CSA concept, our Peak of the Season CSA is for the workplace. From the end of July through the middle of September, for 8 weeks, we will harvest and deliver the fruits and veggies to your workplace.  Gather a minimum of 10 participants and your veggies will be waiting for you at the end of the day!


Why a Workplace CSA?

  • Easy way to support individual health and wellness
  • Healthy employees leads to a healthy workplace
  • Create community in the workplace.  Share recipes, cooking experiences, and food stories
  • It’s easy!  We bring it to you!


Why Garden Sweet Peak of the Season CSA?

  • Local.  We’re located in North Fort Collins.
  • Fresh.  Most fruits and veggies are harvested within a day or two of delivery.
  • Healthy!  Our fruits and veggies are grown using organic practices.


How does it work?

  • 8 weeks.  8 deliveries.
  • Season runs from July 27 – September 14.
  • We deliver directly to your workplace.
  • Approximately 6 – 10 items per delivery.  Feeds 1 – 2 people.
  • Minimum 10 share delivery (inquire with farm if less than 10)


How much does it cost?

  • $288 per share ($36 per week)

Contact  to sign up.