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Fundraise with Garden Sweet

Do Good While Doing Good!


Fundraising with Garden Sweet plants is simple, fun, and profitable!

Raise funds for your school or organization while making a difference and supporting a local, family run farm! Host a Spring Plant Sale with our amazing, locally grown, pesticide-free, plants this Spring!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Order your plants or distribute plant order forms.
  2. Set your date of pick-up from Garden Sweet or delivery.
  3. Distribute your plants or host a plant pick-up at your school or organization.

Plant Sales Encourage Healthy Eating

Hosting a plant sale is a great way to teach kids where food comes from, encourage healthy eating, enjoy time outside in a garden, try homegrown foods, and support the local food movement!

Most importantly, when families purchase plant starters for their garden from you, they are supporting YOUR school or organization!

We want your plant sale fundraiser to be a success! Our updated Fundraising Success Kit to learn about hosting a plant fundraiser from start to finish is coming soon.

Plan Ahead

This fundraising opportunity only comes around once a year, so it is important to get started early! All plant orders are due by March 15th for pick-up or delivery from the farm in the first 3 weeks of May. We will work with you to arrange your pick-up or delivery date in advance.

Contact the Farm Coordinator at with any questions or to begin your Plant Fundraising Campaign. We look forward to working with you!