Create Your Perfect Bouquet

Stroll through rows and rows of beautiful blooms while filling a bouquet or a  bucket of fresh flowers and creating one-of-a-kind bouquets that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

From July-September the fields are in full bloom with a large variety of different flowers and an entire spectrum of colors that will give you the creative freedom to make your perfect bouquet.

Spending a sunshine-drenched morning at Garden Sweet is an unforgettable experience! Whether you are seeking a quiet escape, starting a new family tradition, hunting for tasty berries and fabulous flowers, searching for an amazing backdrop for photos, or crafting your dream flower bouquet, Garden Sweet is the place for you!

Please purchase and schedule your pick-your-own visit online in advance. You can select a reservation time at checkout.  Pick your own is heavily dependent on weather and supply. Visit our online store frequently to see what is available.

By picking your own flowers and berries at Garden Sweet, you will find super fresh, local, sustainably grown, seasonal flowers and berries that you cannot find in a grocery store!

How Does It Work?

When you arrive at Garden Sweet, you will be given all the supplies you need for your pick-your-own experience! If you would like to bring your own clippers/scissors, you may. Please purchase and schedule pick-your-own before arriving through our online store. At checkout you will be prompted to select your reservation time.

Reservations should only be made for the current week.

Non-members pay $5 admission for anyone 2 and up. Members and their immediate family receive free admission to the pick-your-own fields. Save money by buying a membership today! (LINK)

In addition to free admission, members receive priority access for reservation times, and one free pick-your-own flower bouquet per week in July

Picking Flowers is Easy!

  1. Bring your friends and family for this one-of-a-kind experience. 
  2. Purchase your take-home flower bouquet cup or bucket and entry pass into the farm. We provide water for the flowers and scissors
  3. Cut flowers to your desired length and fill up your bouquet cup or bucket!

Flower Care Tips:

  • Strip off any leaves that are below the water line to keep it fresh.
  • Keep the water level in your vase high with cool water- they drink a lot!
  • Change water daily.
  • Keep flowers in a cool place for the longest-lasting blooms!
Fresh Picked Strawberries