Community Supported Agriculture

All-Inclusive CSA Membership!

Perfect for Farm Stand, Plant Nursery, & Pick-Your-Own


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Flexible For Any Budget

We offer 4 different levels: Individual, Small Family (our most popular package), Large Family, and Deluxe as well as Business Memberships. You can check your balance and add money to your account at any time. We also offer an Office CSA for your workplace. If you’re interested in boosting the health of your employees, check out our Business Memberships.

Choose What You Want

Our market-style Community Supported Agriculture Membership gives you the convenience and flexibility of choosing the produce you want, on your schedule.

Your Membership lets you access anything at our Farm Stand and covers picking your own berries, pumpkins, and flowers in our fields.

Don’t like squash? No problem. Your fruit and vegetable tastes are unique – why be boxed into someone else’s idea of what you might like? We think you should be able to choose what you want!

Why join Garden Sweet CSA as a member?

Members-only bonuses:

  • Most frequent access to Pick-Your-Own Berries & Flowers
  • Referral rewards for friends & family ($25 Gift Card for each person you refer who becomes a new member)
  • Fun events (community happy hours and member celebrations)
  • First pick and early access to certain fruits and veggies

Plus, vote with your food dollars and become an active participant in your local food system:

  • Eat the freshest food available
  • Preserve local agriculture and open space
  • Support organic farming and your local economy
  • Enhance the spirit of community in our area
  • Make a direct connection with your farmer

Early Bird Membership Flower Bonus!

  • $300 Share: Free weekly Pick-Your-Own Flowers in July
  • $500 Share: Free weekly Pick-Your-Own Flowers in July and August
  • $700+ Share: Free weekly Pick-Your-Own Flowers in July, August, & September!

How does it work? Membership is an annual spending credit.

Is there any expiration date? Unused credit expires each October.

Business Memberships Available

Want to help your coworkers or employees get a healthy start to their year? A 2013 study from BusinessWire found that employees who ate healthily were 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance. We offer business memberships just for you and your team. Imagine a team-building day out in our strawberry fields or meeting for your morning standup in our flower fields, surrounded by fresh air, mountain views, and freedom from the hustle-bustle of the office. Explore our membership options today!

What Can I Pick?

Our offerings vary based on the time of the season:

  • PYO Flowers – July to September
  • PYO Strawberries – Mid-July to September
  • PYO Raspberries – August and September
  • PYO Blackberries – September (limited supply)
  • PYO Apples – September (MAYBE)

The best berry picking is available in August and September. Berry picking is heavily dependent on weather and supply. The flower fields are beautiful and open to everyone from July to September.