Not Your Mom's CSA

You Choose What You Want!


Choose What You Want

Our market-style Community Supported Agriculture Membership gives you the convenience and flexibility of choosing the produce you want, on your schedule.

Your Membership lets you access anything at our Farm Stand and covers picking your own berries, pumpkins, and flowers in our fields.

Don’t like squash? No problem. Your fruit and vegetable tastes are unique – why be boxed-in to someone else’s idea of what you might like? We think you should be able to choose what you want!

Parties, First Pick, Bouquets, and Starter Plants, Too!

You’re not just limited to our selection of fruits and veggies available at the Farm Stand. Members get priority access to pick their own berries, flowers, and pumpkins, too.

You can also spend your CSA Membership dollars on starter plants to get your home garden producing quickly or ready-made bouquets of our beautiful flowers available to buy at our Farm Stand! You’ll also find bread, jams, coffee, and more from our local partners.

When you support Garden Sweet, you are supporting our community, and that’s why we host multiple open houses and member social events for our members each year!

Flexible For Any Budget

We offer 3 different levels: Individual, Small Family, and Large Family. You can check your balance and add money to your account at any time. We also offer an Office CSA for your workplace. If you’re interested in boosting the health of your employees, please contact us at