7 comments on “2016 CSA Shares Available NOW!

  1. Could you give me more info on your 2016 CSA share?
    I have a family of 6 that include 4 elementary aged boys.
    Do you offer a work program that my boys and I can do together this summer?
    Prices? Share sizes? How does it work?
    My last CSA was in Connecticut. It included some “pick your own” but not a discount for working some hours….

    • Hi Christy. We have 3 share sizes, $300, $500, $700. More info can be found on our CSA page on the website. Cheers!

  2. Hello,
    We would love to try your farm CSA this summer We are a bit late, so just wanted to see if you have any shares available. It looked like individuals start at $300, however, I just wanted to see what you would recommend for a family of 4. We have done many CSA’s, different variations. We are coming from Spring Kite Farm who decided to take a break.

    • Hi Becky! We have a few shares available. I would suggest a medium share for a family of 4. We have a great member retain rate and are approaching 200 happy members! Thanks for your interest!

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